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How Environmental Factors can cause Infertility in men

Environmental factors can affect man’s ability to be a father. The persistent exposure to chemicals and toxins present in the environment can have an adverse effect not only on the skin and internal organs but the reproductive health as well. If a man is living in such an environment that is full of chemicals and toxins, then it can adversely influence the sperm count and quality, which in turn can become the reason behind infertility in men.

The harmful chemicals and toxins can be present in any environment, however; they are most likely to be in some working environments, like chemicals utilized in agricultural, manufacturing, and other similar working places. So, how can these factors cause infertility in men? Read on and find out.

Effects of Pesticides         

The increasing infertility ratio has been recorded in the men who get exposed to the chemical substances as compared to the people who do not. According to a study, pesticides such as organophosphorus and glycol ether are competent enough to affect the sperm concentration, motility, morphology, and output. The higher will be the exposure; the increased will be the effect. Moreover, there are various such pesticides, which haven’t been studied well but have the tendency to cause infertility in men.

Effects of Heat

The temperature of the testicles results in the production of sperms. It should be less than the temperature of the body so as to produce the high quality of sperms. However, there is a multitude of studies that have proven that the heat exposure results in decreased quality of semen.

Effect of Pollution

The concentration of particulate matter, nitrous dioxide, and sulfur dioxide affects the volume, mobility, and count of sperm. It has also been noted down by some of the prominent scientists that if the humankind would not take any steps sooner regarding the air pollution, then the number of infertile men are likely to shoot up in coming years.

These are some of the environmental factors that can affect sperm count. To prevent yourself from being infertile, be cautious and keep your environment as healthy as you can.  There are some herbal formulations which helps in restoring man’s fertility and ManSure contains such potent formulation. The potent herbs constituted in ManSure are used in Ayurveda for male infertility. ManSure with its potent formulation helps in restoring male fertility. It helps in boosting sperm count and improving sperm quality and sperm production.

Mansure prevents infertility in men

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