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As someone rightly said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Taking preventive measures against health conditions is much easier than paying medical bills and going through the whole process of recovery. Infertility is one such health condition that affects at least 12 to 13 out of every 100 couples. Infertility in men arises due to improper hormone function, irregular lifestyle habits, and problems in reproductive organs. Infertility can be prevented without paying through the nose for male infertility treatments like IVF or conventional fertility medicines by following a healthy lifestyle and developing certain daily habits. Following are some tips to increase your sperm count and improve fertility.

Get Rid Of The Flab

According to many scientific studies, maintaining an ideal weight is key to fertility. Being overweight or obese reduces sperm count, thereby reducing the chance of conception. Keep a check on your body mass index (BMI) from time to time to stay in a healthy weight range and plan your diet and exercise routines according to your weight range. In fact, people in the low BMI zone should also aim for a healthy weight to ensure that the body is not poorly nourished.

Kick The Butt And Go For A Mocktail

Yes, smoking and excessive alcohol intake are not just bad for your lungs and liver, they also increase the risk of infertility. A study conducted in the year 2006 reviewed 20 studies comprising 6,000 individuals who smoked regularly. The results of all studies proved that smoking regularly reduced sperm count significantly. Some research studies also document the harmful effects of drug abuse and alcohol consumption on sperm production. If you feel you need help in quitting these habits, you should consider undergoing counseling at de-addiction centers.

Fuel Your Body With Healthy Foods

A survey conducted among 209 Spanish men aged between 18 and 23 years was published in the Oxford academic journal. The survey concluded that as the men increased the amount of trans fatty acids in their diet, their sperm count reduced significantly. Moral of the story: Do not order the burger; go for the salad instead. Eating foods rich in certain antioxidants like vitamin C (found in citrus fruits), l-carnitine (found in dairy products and meat), selenium (found in seafood, legumes, soy, and poultry) and vitamin E (found in vegetable oils and greens) promote healthy sperm production.

Try Natural Supplements – ManSure

Natural supplements are a better and cheaper substitute for conventional fertility treatments. Natural male fertility supplements like ManSure not only help improve sperm count but also improve sperm motility and testosterone levels and treat conditions like erectile dysfunction. As the formulation of natural supplements such as ManSure is made of 100% good quality herbal ingredients like ashwagandha, konch beej, shatawari and safed muesli, there is no risk of side effects. So start with ManSure capsule course and take a step toward your dream of starting a family.

Skip The Lube

Sperms aren’t strong enough to tackle extreme conditions like excess heat or getting exposed to toxic chemicals. This is why avoiding drug store lubricants is a good idea. If needed, consider natural alternatives like canola oil or baby oil. You can even try fertility-friendly lubricants in the market.

Take A Breather

Remember to de-stress at work even if your task sheet has unlimited to-do’s. Keep a stress ball at your desk, start journaling, meditate, do some stretches, put your desktop on sleep for a few minutes, read a page from your favorite book, do burpees or jumping jacks to burn some calories, or just stare into space. De-stress yourself now and then so that the stress does not affect your health including your sperm health.

Fight the battle against infertility by living healthy, eating right and including natural fertility supplements like ManSure in your team.

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