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    5 Ways Ashwagandha Helps Improve Male Infertility

    Role of Ashwagandha in Male Infertility

    Having children is the dream of many couples. However, sometimes, due to infertility in either of the partners, the dream seems unreachable. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 35% of couples with infertility the male factor is responsible along with the female factor, whereas, in about 8% of couples with infertility, the male factor is the only cause of infertility. Wondering how men could be infertile? Hormonal and genetic disorders and medical conditions like diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or infections can bring about unwanted changes in a man, diminishing a man’s fertility. Environmental factors, obesity, stress, use of recreational drugs like marijuana, alcohol consumption, and smoking are also known to hamper men’s fertility. Read below to know the relation of ashwagandha & male infertility.

    Natural Male Infertility Treatment

    Male infertility can be treated with medicines or surgery to treat an underlying cause, male fertility drugs, male fertility vitamins, male fertility supplements, hormone therapies, etc. These treatment procedures can prove to be long-term, costly, as well as have side effects. Most men prefer treatment with a product made from natural ingredients. One such natural medicine is ashwagandha, which treats male infertility by balancing the reproductive hormone in men and improving the quality of sperms and semen.

    The traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine in India has been using the powder of ashwagandha roots for treating stress, aging, and as a natural infertility treatment for thousands of years. Today, herbal reproductive health supplement such as ManSure capsules use the powder of ashwagandha roots along with other fertility-boosting herbs in the capsule form to boost male fertility and have been proven to be effective. An herb that helps you boost fertility, sounds vague, right? Here are 5 proven scientific facts for you about the ultimate Ayurvedic herb, “ashwagandha,” that treats infertility in men.

    Reduces stress and stress-related ailments

    Stress is a major cause of infertility in men. Sixty men with known infertility participated in a study conducted at the Medical University of Lucknow. They were given 5 grams of ashwagandha root powder per day for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, most men showed reduced stress levels, improved anti-oxidant levels, and improved semen quality. After this treatment, 14% of the men’s partners could conceive. The study suggested a definite role of stress in male infertility and the ability of ashwagandha to treat infertility caused due to stress.

    Improves testosterone levels

    Reduced testosterone levels affect the production of sperms. Plant testosterone as in the herbs, such as that used in ManSure capsules, is much safer than taking other chemical products that use artificial testosterone in the formulation. A pilot study published in the Evidence‑Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal showed that after 3 months of using ashwagandha, serum testosterone levels were significantly improved and regulated.

    Reverses the ill effects of smoking and alcohol on fertility

    Smoking reduces the motility (movement and swimming) and count of sperms. Increased levels of cadmium and lead have also been seen in the semen of infertile smokers. A study reported that when normal healthy men were given alcohol, their testosterone levels fell after just five days and continued to fall throughout the study! Treatment of these men with ashwagandha showed that ashwagandha increased daily sperm production, reverted the adverse effects of cadmium, and became a sperm motility booster, thus enhancing the fertility of men.

    Improves the semen quality

    Semen is more than just a collection of sperms. It has sugars and chemicals that are essential for the health of sperms. An Indian study on ashwagandha roots for male infertility proved that ashwagandha therapy made improvements in the semen of men by increasing the concentration levels of:

    • Alanine
    • Histidine
    • Lactate
    • Citrate
    • Phenylalanine
    • Glycerylphosphorylcholine

    The balance of these components in the semen is usually disturbed/reduced in men with infertility. The study reported that ashwagandha improves the level of all of these components in the semen and induces the balance of seminal metabolites and reproductive hormones in men with infertility.

    Boosts libido

    Ashwagandha improves the following sexual parameters in animal studies,due to its testosterone-like effects:

    • Increases testicular weight
    • Increases the daily production of sperms
    • Improves sexual desire in males

    So don’t let infertility ruin your family planning timeline or spend thousands on surgeries, fertility products, or IVF treatment process when nature itself has provided you with a safe and effective solution. Choose reproductive health supplement such as ManSure, which is made of right combination of ashwagandha with other effective herbs as shatavari, and konch beej. So get all the goodness of natural herbs in one single capsule, gain back your natural fertility, and reach for your dream once again of having a child.

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