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    Smoking is killing your sperms today

    Smoking is killing your sperms today ManSure

    Role of Smoking in causing low sperm count

    Low sperm count related infertility is one such phenomenon that is increasing at an alarming rate. According to some studies, almost 40-50% humans are infertile today. The reasons behind the low sperm count related infertility are in abundance. If talking about a specific gender’s infertility, then approximately 7% of men are infertile today. If a man is unable to cause the pregnancy to his partner, then he is tagged as an infertile.

    While exploring the causes that lead to male infertility, then you will find out a multitude of factors that can decrease the sperm quality, which in turn causes low sperm count related infertility. Some of the factors are addictions, environmental pollution, health diseases, etc.

    One of the prominent reasons that affect the sperm quality is the smoking. An American study evidently shows that the smoking tobacco or other harmful products can damage the testicles and kill the sperms. Not just that, but a European Urology published an analysis of the damages that the sperm quality has to endure because of the smoking.

    Here are some of the ways through which your addiction can affect your reproductive organs:

    Sperm Concentration & Low sperm count

    The sperm concentration refers to the sperm count present in the quantity of semen. The studies have made it clear that the men who smoke have 23% less sperm concentration (low sperm count) as compared to the men who do not smoke.

    Sperm Motility

    The sperm motility is defined as the capabilities of a sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it. And, if you are a chained smoker, then this addiction is likely to affect your sperm motility and can decrease it by 13%.

    Sperm Morphology

    The sperm morphology determines the shape of the sperm. If the sperm is not in the accurate shape, then it won’t be able to reach the egg and fertilize it. The smokers have more oddly shaped sperms than the non-smokers.

    These are some of the ways through which smoking can affect the quality of the sperm. On the top of that, some of the researchers have also proved that the sperms of the smoker are likely to cause failure to the IVF treatments, too. Therefore, it is essential for you to either quit smoking or smoke in within the limit.

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