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How to Cope Up With Male Infertility?

It is not easy to cope up with male infertility as the entire environment turns unfriendly. The accepted perception has it that men are the epitome of ‘Masculinity.’ Unlike women, for whom it is quite recurrent to face infertility issues, men are expected to father a child until the very end. With this mindset prevailing in the society, it becomes utterly impossible to deal with male infertility. The theory has it that even if a man is infertile, then also the woman has to go through various medical treatments, just because the society does not welcome a man seeking help from the medical world just to cause the pregnancy to his wife.

To add to it, emotions of the man further push him towards depression. The constant mocking and negligence from his own family and friends compel him to affirm that he is not worthy enough to live this life any longer.

In such a scenario, the persistent pressure from the society and the overwhelming emotions become the hurdle between happiness and your life. So then, the question arises – How can you cope up with Male Infertility?

Cope up with male infertility related Stress


First and foremost, you would have to assure yourself that whatever is happening with you is entirely normal. Going through various infertility treatments can be emotionally and physically taxing. However, you would have to prevent it from getting on your psyche. To reduce the stress, you would have to accept the reality.


While promising forever to your wife, you would have vowed to be there with her in sickness and health. So, give her a chance to do so, too. If you feel that your family members or friends are pressurizing you for infertility, then you can share your feelings with your spouse. If not, then you can also seek some help from the counselor as well.

Practice Stress Buster Techniques

There are some of the techniques that can assist you in reducing stress, such as:

  • Sleep enough
  • Let go
  • Healthy exercise
  • Practice yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Read

Coping With Society

The social stigma attached with male infertility is often the reason behind the negligence of the men going out for the treatments. However, the thing that you must neglect is the society and not the treatment. In such a situation where everyone is after you, making your fun, how can you keep your sanity intact?

Don’t Listen

The only way through which you can lead a happy and satisfied life is by not paying heed to the words coming out of the mouths of such people who don’t matter. It’s your fight, and only you can handle it – whether stressfully or peacefully – depends on you.

Go For Treatments

You cannot forsake the medical world when it comes to infertility. Today, with the presence of highly advanced technology and medications, anything can be reversed. And, what if your infertility is not so severe and can be cured on time? You can only find it out by taking the help from an experienced doctor.

Teach Them

Being an educated person, this is your right to teach all those people who are still living in the constricted and narrow-minded zone. Infertility is not a dogma. You would have to accept this fact, and you would have to teach it to others as well. Only then you will be able to spread awareness regarding this problem.

You have to be mentally strong to cope up with male infertility. Adopt a good and health lifestyle which can help in boosting your fertility. You can use ManSure, the reproductive health supplement for man for improving your fertility. ManSure contains natural herbs which are effective in increasing sperm count, sperm motility and sperm quality.

how to cope up with male infertility with ManSure

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