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Effect on sperm count; Role of Drinking Alcohol in Affecting Your Sperm Quality

You may not discern the fact but the truth is there are certain lifestyle traits or habits that can adversely create an effect on sperm count and sperm quality. Whether you are living in a polluted environment or are addicted to certain harmful things, every negative aspect associated with your life. If you are encountering in causing the pregnancy to your female partner, then most likely, there are some of the problems related to effect on sperm count and your sperm quality.

One such thing that can have the negative impact on your sperm quality is the consumption of alcohol.

Effect on Sperm count and Quality

Generally, a drink or two, once in a while will not have any serious effect on sperm count or on the quality of the sperm. However, the problem starts appearing when you start consuming alcohol more than what is necessary. Not just impacting the sperm count and sperm morphology in a negative way, it also reduces the sexual desire and performance.

The more you will drink, the more sperm count and quality will decrease. And, the low sperm quality, as well as count, will lead to the failure of the egg fertilization, which in turn, can fail the conceiving procedure.

There are some permanent effects of alcohol consumption as well. Some of the evidence has stated that the regular drinkers are most likely to reduce the sperm count permanently.

Alcohol Prevents the Absorption of Zinc

Zinc is the specifically prominent mineral for the formation of cell’s tail and outer layer. Also, Zinc is present in sperm in the high quantity. To have the good motility ratio, the sperms need to have the perfect outline and tail. And, because of the deficiency of Zinc, it becomes impossible to have proper sperm formation. The main reason behind this deficiency is the alcohol as it stops the body from absorbing zinc.

If you are struggling to bring the exhilaration and joy of a child in your life. Then the first precaution that you can take is to change your lifestyle. If you are consuming the alcohol in the excess limit, then you can cut down the quantity. Leaving every kind of addiction is worth when you get your munchkin in return, isn’t it? For improving the low sperm count and your sperm quality, you can consider taking reproductive health supplement as ManSure. ManSure helps in increasing sperm count, sperm quality and sperm motility.

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