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Tired of the negative test results from your semen analysis reports? Don’t blame yourself for this as it might be purely genetic, with no fault of yours. State-of-the-art issues like stress, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, etc. take a toll on your sperm quality, thereby affecting your fertility. There are many supplements; herbal and allopathic, in the medical stores that promise to enhance the quality of your sperms. But, do those products really work? If they do, how do they work, and are they safe?

Fertility Supplements: Which One And Why?

Let’s get to the answer to the question, “why do you need them.” Sperm quality is determined by its motility, count, and concentration in the semen. Improving the quality of your sperm will help enhance your semen quality, thus enhancing your fertility. Supermarket aisles are flooded with products that improve fertility, and there is plenty to choose from – ranging from fertility vitamins and other supplements, natural home remedies for fertility, medical help from your doctor, to good-natured tips and suggestions from around the world (you never fall short of those, do you?). Well, supplements do a good job, but most of them could include anything but the necessary ingredient, making them a waste of time and money. Following are some of the common foods that are conventionally consumed by men to improve their sperm quality:

  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Maca root
  • Alum
  • Alfalfa
  • Fennel with butter
  • Ashwagandha
  • Dates
  • Rock salt
  • Cinnamon

Home remedies are hands down the best solution – natural ingredients, made in your own home, perfect! But, finding the right recipe and ingredients can be a little too difficult and time-consuming. Combining herbs into a pill is an ideal solution, i.e., natural fertility supplements! There are plenty of those in markets too, but here is why ManSure should be at the top of your list:

Natural, Effective And Safe

Some of the natural fertility supplements blow their trumpet about their effects but are not quite effective. ManSure’s formula has been specially designed and tested to provide the following results:

  • Instead of those regular testosterone injections and patches you need to put yourself through, ManSure improves your testosterone levels using natural ingredients like safed musli and gokhru in a tiny digestive capsule.
  •  The ashwagandha in the ManSure formula is a well-known natural aphrodisiac for centuries. Yep, just like the erotic effects of love potions, ylang-ylang oil, or the book, Fifty shades of grey, ashwagandha stimulates your libido. In fact, ashwagandha improves the movement of your sperms by stopping the action of enzymes like protein carbonyl and lipid peroxidation that reduce the quality of sperm. A better sexual stimulation gives a kick-start to your infertility and helps improve sexual dysfunction 😉
  • Oligospermia or lack of sperms is one of the major hindrances in a man’s fertility. The entire formulation of ManSure with ingredients like safed muesli, Konch beej, ashwagandha, and salab mishri works towards improving sperm count, which improves your chances of conception. Ayurveda recommends these very herbs to enhance potency of the sperms and overcome infertility.
  • Ingredients like salab mishri and shatawar in ManSure help to improve the overall quality of the sperm cells by helping in better oxygen absorption, promoting the vitality and vigor, and help with sexual disorders like impotence.

No Side Effects

While being so effective in dealing with issues of infertility and improving the quantity and quality of the sperms, the 100% natural ingredients in ManSure make sure that there are no side effects.

100% Premium Quality

ManSure uses only the most carefully chosen, pure and natural ingredients in their formulation. It promises guaranteed benefits and guaranteed quality in every pack. Instead of trying out every trick in the book, opt for a safe and effective option like ManSure. Use the natural formulation to improve the quality of your sperms and the quality of your sex life too; ‘coz who doesn’t like a good roll in the sack?

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