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Male Infertility: Causes and Solution:

Difficulty in conceiving a baby may not be just due to a health issue in a woman but could also be due to medical concerns in her male partner. Male infertility is defined as the inability of a male to impregnate his female partner after at least a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. An infertility specialist will help in finding out the cause for the infertility.Male patients who are more comfortable with a male physician can consult a male fertility doctor for their male infertility treatment.

Research data for infertility shows that one in 20 men has a low sperm count (oligospermia) and one in a 100 has no sperm in his ejaculate (azoospermia). Azoospermia is caused when there are no sperm in the ejaculate because of a blockage in the reproductive tract due to which the sperms are unable to reach the semen. Some men may have asthenospermia, which means reduced sperm motility or sperm movement.

Male Infertility Causes

Male infertility can be due to low sperm production, genetic disorders, hormonal problems, abnormal sperm function, certain illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices, sexual disorders, etc.Factors known to adversely affect men’s fertility are smoking tobacco, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, being exposed to toxins, having past or present infections, etc.

Male infertility treatment

The treatment of infertility varies with the cause of infertility.

  1. Medications for male infertility and counseling can help sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  2. Hormone replacement therapy and medications can be useful in cases where the cause of infertility is hormonal imbalance.
  3. Surgeries are useful in the correction of obstructed vas deferens or the reversal of vasectomies.
  4. Infertility due to infections of the reproductive tract can be cured by using appropriate antibiotics.
  5. Assisted reproductive technology (ART) obtains sperm through normal ejaculation, sperm donor or surgical extraction based on your need. The sperms are inserted into the female genital tract, or in vitro fertilization is performed. ART is an expensive technique with no guarantee of success.
  6. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertilization process that extracts the eggs and retrieves the sperms, fertilizes the egg manually in the laboratory, and then transfers the fertilized egg into the uterus. IVF does not guarantee success and has its side effects and risks. IVF has a 20%-30% higher chance of multiple pregnancies leading to increased risk of premature labor, miscarriage, need for cesarean, stillbirth, etc.
  7. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a form of IVF where a single sperm is placed directly into the egg.

Male fertility can be treated if the appropriate method in consultation with medical practitioner is employed. There are some herbal methods too which can be useful for managing male infertility. Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India describes various herbs which had been used in the treatment of sperm related problems. Medical science has also conducted some researches about these herbs and has found these herbs useful. These herbs include Ashwagandha, konch beej, shalabh mishri, shatawar and many more.  ManSure is a similar formulation which contains these proven herbs which are scientifically established for their role in male infertility.

ManSure acts as a reproductive health supplement made of natural ingredients that has a reduced risk of side effects. These herbs as in ManSure are medically proven to increase sperm production, sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm quality. It helps in maintaining and restoring the hormonal balance. Apart from enhancing sperm production and endurance, ManSure also helps in the management of sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and male impotence. The ingredients in ManSure are being used for in male infertility for thousands of years. The herbal ingredients in ManSure include Konchbeej, Safed musali, Ashwagandha, Salabmishri, Gokhru, and Shatawar, and are medically proven to enhance fertility in men and can be useful for managing many causes of infertility such as azoospermia, oligospermia, asthenospermia, or sexual disorders.

ManSure can be helpful for management of most causes of infertility in men except for conditions that require surgery such as azoospermia due to blockage in the reproductive system. ManSure is available at all popular ecommerce portals as below.

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