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How does man with infertility problem suffers in silence?

Man with infertility problem has more issues to handle than just the infertility issue. Having a little bundle of joy in your life is nothing but a delight. However, some couples get to experience this bliss soon in their married life, while some have to toil hard to conceive. In the latter situation, infertility becomes the reason for the inability to get pregnant. According to a report, almost 30% of the time, infertility in men is the cause.

There are various factors that can cause infertility in men, like:

  • Poor sperm production
  • Sperm antibodies
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hormonal problems
  • Blockage of the sperm duct

Some of the other issues can also lead to infertility. These can be lifestyle habits, genetic, or traumatic. However, if putting all these things aside, then the aspect that comes into the limelight is the repercussion of infertility.

With all the taboos and convictions attached to male infertility (man with infertility problem) existing in the society intimidate men to a great extent. Men are all about vigor and virility, this is the common perception. And, when this unspeakable phase comes in their lives, it leaves them shattered. They end up suffering in silence as no one offers them soothing comfort. But, what leads to this silent suffering?


Often, the community starts pressurizing women when they cannot conceive, but a suffocating silence crops up whenever the topic of male infertility comes out. Usually, health centers conduct seminars so as to spread words regarding female infertility. And, this raises the misconception that if a woman is unable to get pregnant, then she is at fault and not the male. But, whenever it comes to man infertility, then everyone chooses to be mum. So, when a male turns out to be infertile, he does not get the adequate acceptance and he ends up being abandoned.

Infertility is related to Masculinity

One of the eminent myths is that infertility is the symptom of feebleness. Men are expected to be sturdy, robust, and vigorous. However, it is possible that a man would have all these qualities, but he would still be neglected if he is unable to become a father. This indifference pushes the man with infertility problem into his cocoon. The society has to understand that infertility has nothing to do with masculinity.

Lack of Support

When you don’t have a strong back behind, then you may give away all hopes. It is important to have support, whether in the form of a partner or a psychotherapist. People have to show love and care towards the man dealing with infertility so as to assure him that he is not alone and that there are people standing with him throughout this tough time.

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